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Tacos Crispies de carne desehbrada

Coctel de Camaron

Mexican Plate


Fresh Guacamole $6.99

Freshly prepared guacamole mixed with tomatoes and served with corn chips

Queso fundido $6.99

Muenster and Colby cheese blend served melted with corn tortilla chips.

With chorizo or long green chile strips add 1.00

Quesadillas $5.99

1 corn quesadillas served per order

Shrimp, chicken, or beef fajita add 2.00

Ay Caramba Nachos $7.99

Melted cheddar cheese on top of chips served with jalapenos, ground beef, sour cream and guacamole


Caldo de res

Delicious beef chunks served with corn, cabbage and square in delicious broth

Small $5.99 Large $6.99

Tortilla soup

Delicious chipotle and tomato broth served with tortilla strips and shredded chicken

Small $5.99 Large $6.99


Served on the weekend with bolillo bread

Small $5.99 Large $6.99


Specially prepared spicy tomato sauce served with cucumbers, avocado slices, cilantro and celery stick

Shrimp Med $7.25 Large $10.99
Shrimp/octopus (pulpo) Med $10.25 Large $12.99
Coctel ay caramba Med $11.25 Large $13.50
Served with shrimp, octopus, oysters & scallops

Fresh salads

Taco salad $7.99

Warm flour tortilla shell topped with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh avocado slices and cheese

Add Chicken Fajita/Beef 1.00

Shrimp Salad $8.99

Fresh shrimp served with lettuce, tomatoes and avocado slices


Bean and cheese $3.50

Carnitas $3.99

Ground beef $3.99

Red chile $3.99

Green chile $3.99

Chile relleno $4.50

Beef or chicken fajita $4.50

Bathed in rancher sauce add 1.00


Mariscada Skillet $26.99

4 large grilled shrimp, 4 breaded shrimp, 2 coconut shrimp, 1 breaded fillet, queso fundido whit green chile served with seafood rice

Ay Caramba Parrillada 1 person: $13.99; 2 person: $25.99

Beef, chicken and carnitas, queso fundido, green onions, chiles toreados & baked potato

Barbacoa $9.99

Mexican BBQ swerved with rice & beans

Chicken or Beef Fajitas $10.99

Served with rice & beans

Red or Green Chile $8.99

Served with rice & beans

Carnitas (pulled pork) $8.99

Served with rice & beans


2 flour or 3 corn served with rice and & beans

Carnitas (pulled pork) $8.99
Red Chile (pork) $8.99
Green Chile (beef) $8.99
Ground Beef $8.99
Shredded Beef $8.99

Tortas & Burgers

Aycaramba Burger $8.99

Served with 2 patties, hame & guacamole and fries

Cheese burger $6.99

Fajita Torta $8.99

(beef or chicken)

Ham & Cheese $7.99

Milanesa Steak Torta $7.99

Thin breaded beef steak


Shrimp Enchiladas $9.99

Red or green enchiladas stuffed with fresh shrimp & cheese

Served with seafood rice, beans and a small salad

Mounted (2 Eggs) $8.99

Served with rice, beans and a small salad

Beef or Chicken $8.99

Served with rice, beans and a small salad

Cheese $7.99

Served with rice, beans and a small salad


3 tacos served with fresh corn or flour tortillas
Crispy or soft with rice & beans

-- Seafood --

Baja Tacos $10.99

3 jumbo tacos lettuce tomato purple onions and sour cream

Cancun Tacos $10.99

Breaded fish tilapia tacos served with purple cabbage & chipotle mayonnaise

Shrimp $10.99

Breaded or grilled

Fish $10.99

Breaded or grill tilapia fish

-- Pork --

Don Patron Tacos $10.99

USDA ribeye steak meat served with a baked potato

Beef $8.99

Sirloin $8.99

Shredded Beef $8.99

Ground Beef $8.99

Barbacoa $8.99

(Mexican BBQ served with cilantro & onions)

Tripitas $9.99

-- Chicken --

Chicken Fijatas $8.99

Shredded Chicken $8.99

Adobada $8.99

(seasoned in red chile & cumin sauce & spices)

Ay Caramba Favorites

Served with homemade corn or flour tortillas, rice & beans

Rib Eye (8oz USDA choice) $14.99

Served with baked potato, long green chile and green onions

Steak Tampiquena (8oz USDA sirloin) $12.99

Served with red cheese enchilada & guacamole

Chicken Breat Tampiquena $12.99

All natural chicken breast served with home made red cheese enchilada & guacamole

Mexican Plate $9.99

1 ground beef taco, red cheese enchilada, 1 chile relieno

Ay Caramba Combo $9.99

2 flautas, 1 enchilada, shredded beef taco

Steak Ranchero $11.99

Sirloin sautéed in salsa ranchera served with fried

Flautas $7.99

(beef or chicken)

Chile Rellenos $9.99

2 large homemade chile rellenos covered in ranchero sauce


Served with baked potato or French fries, rice, side salad and cup of seafood broth

Kids Plates - $5.99

1 taco of your choice with rice and beans

Ham & cheese sandwich with fries

Hamburger / Cheeseburger with fries

Chicken strips with fries

Chicken nuggets with fries

Kid breakfast

- 1 egg, hash browns and 1 bacon

Funny face pancake

- 1 pancake, 1 egg and hash browns


All served with hash browns, beans and fresh tortillas or toast

Ay Caramba Breakfast $9.99

3 eggs, ham, sausage & bacon strips

Ham & cheese Omelet $8.99

Mexican Omelet $8.99

Chorizo, onions, tomatoes, jalapeno & cheese

Migas & Eggs $7.99

Crunch corn tortillas strips cooked in scrambled eggs

Huevos con machaca $7.99

Huevos rancheros $7.99

Huevos con picadillo $7.99

Huevos a la Mexicana $7.99

Huevos con chorizo $7.99

Chilaquiles $7.99

With red or green sauce

Sirloin steak & eggs $9.99

Eggs with red or green chile $8.99

Huevos divorciados $8.99

1 egg topped with ranchero sauce, 1 egg topped with green chile sauce, chilaquiles and beans

Oatmeal small $4.99; large $5.99

Served with toast

Pancakes & Waffles

Pancakes (3) $5.99

Pancakes (3) $6.99
With ham or bacon

Waffle combo $6.99
With two eggs, bacon or sausage

Pancakes and eggs $6.99


Made with homemade flour tortillas

Eggs w/chorizo $3.99
Potatoes w/chorizo $3.99
Eggs w/ham $3.99
Eggs w/bacon $3.99
Eggs w/machaca $3.99

Soft Drinks

Coffee (free refill)

Sodas (free refill)

Tree (free refill)





Hot tea

Orange Juice


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